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Drinking Water Systems

The quality of the water depends on your drinking water filtration system in your home may meet local standards, but may not meet your own.  Your water could contain dissolved metals, including lead and iron, chlorine, as well as undesirable microbes and chemicals such as pesticides, mercury, arsenic and petro chemicals.  We offer whole home filtration systems and undersink drinking water purification systems to give you and your family the cleaner, clearer drinking water you deserve.  We purify the water by using reverse osmosis, which is a water purification process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that removes 90-99% of dissolved solids or water impurites.  The product is water free of minerals and other contaminants.

  • Offers cleaner, better tasting water for drinking, coffee, tea, juices, cooking and more
  • Reduces 90-99% of dissolved solids, including many contaminants
  • Provides bottle water quality at pennies per gallon.  An EcoWater System pays for itself  in time and makes a difference you will notice from day one.
  • Help the environment by eliminating plastic bottle waste from bottle water.

"We love how clean our granite and dishes stay now! My shower looks so much better too! I noticed my skin and hair felt better almost immediately after installing our Oasis Water System. Thank you again for improving our life in San Antonio!"

− Ashley Willis

"John Hancock was very informative and answered all our questions. Since installing an Eco Water System we have seen an immediate difference! All our soaps immediately seemed softer in the shower and all the dishes are way cleaner! No water spots in the house is the best though! We definitely recommend Oasis Water Solutions to everyone! John really knows his product."

− Norman Thompson

"We have had our Eco Water System for over two years now and we absolutely love it!! I haven't had a single problem with the system and the water is just as clean as the day I bought It. I just returned from an Army Deployment and was so glad to have soft water to shower in again, it's a huge difference on my skin. My wife is very pleased with how clean it has kept all our bathrooms and kitchen as well. We are very happy we invested in this system."

− Mike & Vanessa Chambers