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The quality of the water depends on your drinking water filtration system in your home. It may meet local standards, but may not meet your own.

Your water could contain dissolved metals, including lead and iron, chlorine, as well as undesirable microbes and chemicals such as pesticides, mercury, arsenic, and petrochemicals.  We offer whole-home filtration systems and under sink drinking water purification systems to give you and your family the cleaner, clearer drinking water you deserve.  We purify the water by using reverse osmosis, which is a water purification process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that removes 90-99% of dissolved solids or water impurities.  The product is water free of minerals and other contaminants.

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Reduce 90-99% of dissolved solids, including many contaminants.

At Oasis Water Solutions-EcoWater Systems we take great pride in giving back to our community.

  • Offers cleaner, better-tasting water for drinking, coffee, tea, juices, cooking, and more
  • Reduces 90-99% of dissolved solids, including many contaminants
  • Provides bottled water quality at pennies per gallon.  An EcoWater System pays for itself in time and makes a difference you will notice from day one.
  • Help the environment by eliminating plastic bottle waste from bottled water.

Types of Filters for Reverse Osmosis


Membranes on any filtration system need to be changed out when product water may begin to taste different or bad, indicating solids and organics are passing through the Reverse osmosis membrane. To be sure it’s the membrane, change the prefilter and postfilter first and check the TDS reading.

The life of the Reverse osmosis membrane cartridge depends mostly on the pH and hardness of the supply water to the Reverse osmosis system. Replace the membrane every 10 to 36 months.

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Pre & Post Filters

It is recommended that all filters be changed at least annually or more frequently based on usage and local water conditions. The quantity and quality of the water processed effects the life of the filters.

The stages of your Reverse osmosis system typically range from 2-5 plus. Changing out the filters frequently helps keep higher quality water and can prolong the life of the Reverse osmosis membrane.

Problem Water Filters

We also provide solutions for well and several types of problem water.  In addition to hardness and sediment, your water may also contain things you can’t see, such as nitrates or other potentially harmful contaminants.  EcoWater has designed and engineered a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art filters to deal with households that experience water contamination issues such as :
  • Acidic Water
  • Arsenic
  • Hydrogen Sulfide- H2S (Sulfur Gas)
  • Iron and Manganese
  • Nitrates
  • Silt/Sediment
  • Tannins
Please contact us to diagnose your water if your water looks, tastes or smells bad.  With an EcoWater System, you not only get our name on it, which stands for quality and reliability, but you also get our protection.
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