Water Analysis

Free Water Analysis

Don’t worry; we can help! Our Water Professionals are qualified to perform an easy and comprehensive in-home water analysis and recommend the right solution – whether it is hard water treatment or a remedy for another water issue.

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An experienced Sales Representative will test your water and show you the results.

Thank you for participating in our complimentary water comparison program. If we miss you with the results, please contact us at (210) 34WATER

This testing is not being conducted by any city or state agency, laboratory, or university. It is offered by Oasis Water Solutions, and as far as we know, your drinking water meets all safety and EPA standards

Does your water taste, smell, or look funny? Do you notice those embarrassing hard water spots throughout your home? Tired of hauling those cases of bottled water into your house? Do you ever wonder what’s in your water? Don’t worry; we can help! This is a complimentary test. There is no charge to the residents. Your name and address will not be sold or shared with any other company or organization. Our company sells water processors and drinking water systems for residential and commercial use, which may result in a presentation of our products in our mobile showroom. We individually test each sample for Total dissolved solids/pH/Chlorine/Hardness.